Complex services in the sphere of financial risk management

Creditreform Slovak Republic is the dominant deliverer of business reports in the framework of the whole Europe. Our-long-time experience constitutes a warranty above all of secure entrepreneurial activities. Receivable management is another sphere of our activities. We dispose of modern technology and the measure-made software will secure efficient administration and extortion of receivable with high rate of success. Our products minimize your business risks.

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CrefoCert Solvency Certificate

A good solvency may significantly strengthen your negotiating position with your customers, suppliers and credit providers. However even the best solvency index would not help, if nobody knows about it.

With CrefoCert – Creditreform Solvency Certificate – you have the opportunity to actively present your good solvency. (good economic situation and mode of payment)

This sign of credit viability is currently in these days the right confirmation for you.

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Creditreform Rating AG

Creditreform Rating AG is part of the worldwide active group Creditreform. We are one from the leading European rating agencies.

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