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    Creditreform Rating AG

    Bratislava, 01.01.2015 

    Creditreform Rating AG is part of the Creditreform Group, a financial service provider with a global footprint. We are one of Europe’s leading rating agencies. An unconditional commitment to objectivity, transparency and independence governs all of our actions. We are experts in the assessment of credit risks, providing lenders and investors with ratings and other credit services. Issuers use our ratings to gain the confidence of their prospective investors, while for companies, ratings are an important element of their financial communication structure. Banks and financial service providers benefit from our outsourcing solutions for loan processes and rely on the analysis of our risk management solutions.

    The quality of our products and services is the highest priority of our work. Since 2009 we have been accepted as the rating agency by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) according to SolvV a Basel II regulations from the banking supervision of the risk assessment. In addition, we are registered as EU-rating agency accordance with the relevant regulation EU nr. 1060/2009 and with our product – balance sheet rating, we have permission EZB-Ratingtool-Provider. Institutional investors have been using our assessments under Solvency II regulations for insurance.

    This Committee ensures compliance with our high quality standards and verifies whether the result of the assessment has been produced in due accordance with the established rating methods. As a European rating agency we are the market leader in the credit rating medium-sized businesses / issuers. The basis of this success are high requirements for transparency, objectivity and reliability, which we place ourselves and which are intended by EU regulations. The ratings are performed by a team of highly qualified analysts, integrating quantitative data and qualitative analysis. The analysts are in a continuous dialogue with the companies and discuss rating-relevant aspects with members of the corporate management. The rating result is approved and subsequently monitored by a Rating Committee. During the monitoring period, the client company’s business development will be subjected to continuous observation. The probability of default and migration tables documenting the quality of the published ratings. We provide ratings for different occasions, target groups and asset classes.

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