Solvency certificate CrefoCert

Higher prestige for negotiations with business partners.

  • Solvency certificate CrefoCert

    By means of CrefoCert certificate you have possibility to present immediately your good economic situation and mode of payment. The procedure of CrefoCert certificate attribution complies with proceeding of the company Creditreform Rating AG, the rating instrument of which has been approved by European Central bank for credit risk appreciation.

    You may use the certificate in electronic form as follows: either place it on a paper with letterhead or you may hang it in your office premises.

  • Certificate attribution criteria

    Certificate attribution criteria

    • Creditreform solvency index must be a value between 100 and 250
    • Excellent payment behavior (the certified company has no obligations with maturities over 30 days, no debt at health insurance, no claims for debt collection agencies)
    • There are financial statements for the last reporting period available
    • The company's compact survey on the present situation and the future outlook shows no significant credit risks.
    • probabilityof default within 12 months up to 1%
    • Economic activity of the company is more than 3 years
  • Advantages of solvency certificate CrefoCert

    Advantages of solvency certificate CrefoCert

    • You belong to the companies, which is an exceptionally good credit certified. This is an entrepreneurial success that you can use to your advantage.
    • Use the solvency certificate CrefoCert in your website effectively, for your communications with media and for other marketing activities.
    • Use the award for an active financial communications.
    • Strengthen your negotiating position with banks and investors.
    • CrefoCert signals to your business partners stability and security. Take advantage of this competitive edge.
    • Strengthen with our certification the trust by your business partners and potential buyers.
    • Solvency certificate documents your credit viability and sends a positive signal for your employees.

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